sábado, 21 de febrero de 2015

The lucky one

About three days ago I was hanging out with some friends. We were walking around Vernon, chatting and walking, nothing else. I suddenly realized how lucky I was of being there, at that place and that moment, I was so lucky because I knew them, I was lucky because I couldn't feel better.

Since I'm "alone" in Canada I've learnt how to appreciate everyday's moments, I've figured out how to reach happiness even when it seems nothing is going alright, because life is happiness already, you are the one that decides either to make it worth it or not. I'm just going to say that living is "rad", and those who feel they need to travel are the most amazing people on earth. You may think your country is the best, it's awesome and it is what it is, but I invite you to look above the borders, to stare further, get into other's cities hearts, swim trough their culture, try whatever they eat, communicate with them, let them show you the way they think and see the world, meet new people, and when you are back from your trip, then you'll realize that countries are just named pieces of land, and that people is incredible, you'll see that there are better ways of doing things, different ones from those you are used to.

Wanderlust will be your word, and you'll become addicted to planes, boats, cars, buses, bikes and walking. You'll understand that material things are completely worthless and that all you need is a backpack, a pair of boots and the desire of knowledge. Once you've crossed a border between two countries you want to keep going, to make all the way around the planet and never reach back again "home", because home is wherever you feel good, the people that you can count on, the places that make you comfortable. Earth is home and you don't have to belong nowhere.

Traveling is the best thing that could happen to you. It is breathing, it is opening your eyes to see all what you've been ignoring and was right in front of you, it is learning to learn, it is understand each other,bit is life.

Thank you mom and dad for letting me discover the world since always. And thank you Fundación Amancio Ortega for changing my life 360* offering me this amazing opportunity and trusting on me.

And before showing you guys some pictures from my very latest experiences, go and check the youtube channel of one of my Brazilian's friends, it is really cool! 


This is one of the videos I helped him making: 

                                                                       ice skating
                                                 going up to Silver Start (the ski station)
                                                                       Silver Star
                                                             My host brother's drawing
                                                                          Silver Star