miércoles, 23 de abril de 2014

Soy Álvaro!


My name is Álvaro and i´m from Spain. I´m 16 years old and I´m a normal guy who loves architecture, nature, sport and technology.
With this letter i´m just trying to attach a little summary of my young life. My personality, my quotidian life, my likes, and the people who make, my life easier and happier.

I´m cheerful, amusing and endearing, I´m always with a big smile on my face and i try to do the same with the people who is around me. I try to do their life happier with my presence.

I live in a big city near Madrid called Móstoles, It has more than 200.000 citizens and is a peaceful and beutiful place to live. Is a full of trees city with a lot of parks and outside activities.

I normally wake up at 07:30 AM and after have a breakfast i go to my High School named: I.E.S. Antonio de Nebrija. Is a small High School with more or less 450 students. The best thing of my High School is their teachers. We´re like a community, we have a lot of confident between us and we mix ours personal friendships with our learning gains and improvements.

 I like to go out with my friends or play with them my favourite sport: Pádel, which is similar to tennis but with some differences. Like i´m a quiet boy I love to stay at home watching films, listening to music, doing something on my computer or reading some books... I like to cook very much so I make cakes and desserts. Specially I prepare my own recipe of cinnamon cake which my family loves. , I usually play guitar too although i prefer play piano because I think  that I´m better on it, I´m a little musician, i´m kind of a clumsy musician, but I try to do my best... J

My life proyect is to being in a famous architect because I completely love it! i would like to be recognised, showing my artistic qualities all around the world. I create designs with my computer and I find it amazing!

Nature for my is very important, in february i use to go with my uncles to ski and i love the environment, the paths, the animals… Pets for me are very importat, although their are little animals they show us how much love they can give to us only with a glance or with a little sign of love. They are incredible! Dogs, cats…

Para finalizar, he de decir que estoy encantado de formar parte de esta aventura, la cual intentaré ir contándoos, en español o en inglés ¿Por qué no?
Aquí tenéis mi carta de presentación, espero que os guste y que me conozcáis un poco más.